Oscar Robertson-Fired up (Carlo tribute)

Fixed now without add!


lol at the opponents starting to jump early. Almost makes me wanna buy Oscar. Can he play the 2?

His jumper is a bit slow, dunno man, why not one ?

I got Curry at one, and he’s my fave player. All I would need Oscar to to do at the 2 would be defend his position and hit the 3 when its kicked out to him that’s all. Then I could mix in some of his post ups that you’re using

This is freaking hilarious. I gotta do more of this with Oscar. His jumper is a bit slower than I like, but you can’t have everything I guess.

What about playing him of the bench ?

yea maybe. But im a budget player. I’m not spending 100k+ for a player on my bench lol

It’s kind of hard to imagine that at some point this year I’ll end up replacing Oscar. When Magic drops I’ll put Oscar on the bench, but Penny is kind of my go to every year :confused:

Jerry > Penis

I actually used amy West for a long time this year lol… you would have been proud.

Would make a lot more sense to have curry play the 2


Cals this 2k15 fadeawy back 19 tribute


I might try it out. But looks like Oscar isn’t BIN right now. Maybe once magic comes out.

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Oscar is worth every penny. Curry would be fine at 2. U should be running plays to get him open off screens anyways. He cant have the ball if u wanna do that

You just bullied the entire game lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That shimmy fade is dirty. I need to start using that with Oscar


Oscar is dirty all around i had possesions where i go thru 3 bodies and they try to contest/do whateva and he still dunks or makes heavily contested layups, this card is batshit crazy good.

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Bump, for people who might find it useful.

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Loved soundtrack, hated trial software lol