Orlando Magic Playoff Birth

Division Champs too lol


That’s Magic bro :smile:

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Hahaha man that orlando magic dwight was amazing DPOY

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Honestly makes me wanna rebuy Diamond dwight lol

Hahaha yeah you should get him for fun!

Division Champs


Was he good? Legit thinking of getting him. Oden is eh for me

Get Drob :smile:

Lend me some MT lol

Hahaha I don’t have any :smile:

How’s DRob’s post fade? Learning animations are almost more inportant than ratings

not that good for me. I use him as pick and pop and he shoots very well

Did you get your Tmac yet

And lock in for Malone

I will get him later after work.

That’s what happens when you set an identity to your team.

The Magic for me are easily the dumbest team of the year.
They haven’t really developed any players.

Vucevic has just as much proved he should be on a contender then stay in Orlando.

Most importantly they have dropped their draft pick really low in a year where they need a PG.

To what, lose in the first round SMH what were they thinking when Mo Bamba got injured.

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What people that are fans of stronger teams don’t realize is when you’ve been so bad for the past 7 years. Making the playoffs does really mean the world to them even if they lose in the first round. Celtics, Warriors, 76er’s, and the Bucks was recently once bad teams too.

Isaac became more stronger, improved his shooting.
Gordon learned to be more controlled, improved his decision making
Bamba is still a young prospect
Fultz is still recovering.
Ross became a consistent lights out scorer.

I don’t understand the hate.


See: Dipo, Harris, overpaying for Smack, Furniture.