Opinions on GO Hakeem

I’m about to get him and I’ve just heard he feels slow in the game despite having 90 speed and acceleration… I was expecting the level of athleticism comparable to opal KAJ. What is he like really? I love my centers sprinting on fast breaks for the easy dunks. Can he do that?

He is one of the fastest CENTER in game.


Yeah, if his 99 speed with coach and shoe is slow, then the attributes mean nothing.

These cards are locked behind insane grinding hours. Guys who disparage them often are just pissed they can’t just buy them…for the time being…


Bruh trust, I don’t have him, but I’ve gone against him… people push me to the post, and then sprint to the perimeter for a 3, he could easily green it, and if you predict it and play too close, he’s gonna fake the 3 and blow by you… smh


He is the perfect center basically. Only center i imagine being better is a GOAT Kareem (coz KAJ got that special player model).


Sometimes in the post he feels a little clunky, but in the open floor he is rapid.

Great card. He is equal to D Rob for me in centre vs backup and that’s not a bad thing D Rob is real

I definitely feel like he’s the best center in the game. I haven’t used shaq but Hakeem has no problem shutting him down when I play against him. And NO Hakeem is absolutely not slow. I put a lateral quickness shoe on him because I prefer 99 lateral quickness than 99 speed


Hakeem is the real deal. You will 100% enjoy him.


He is the only center I faced so far that can guard my OOP Westbrook. Not even Wilt or KAJ can… So he must be pretty darn good

Hakeems the goat

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Hakeem is the best center in the game. Whoever says he isn’t fast hasn’t used him enough or at all.

everyone gets that from the one time dbg said he was kat 2.0 and kat isnt even slow off the dribble lmao

Exactly. I even watched that video of @anon58151219 and I think he was misquoted. He said slow animations. Not slow in general as in speed.

I would even argue that his essential animations aren’t even slow. The post moves are amazing. His dribbling and set jumper aren’t the best but he’s a center… so what do you expect lol

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it was down the court which i can sort of agree with on ball but off ball he’s incredibly quick.

Even that though… he’s a center lol not Giannis

He’s fast as hell. Perfect C for a switch-all lineup since he can stay with all but the twitchiest wings.

8 more games, man. Just 8 more games…

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I’m not sure who I consider the best C on the game anymore, it’s pretty close between 5-6 of them. But if you can get Hakeem for free there’s no reason to spend 300-400k on Kareem etc.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll find out in about an hour.