Opinions of GO Vince

I have 380k sitting, but won’t be back on until next week.

What are your opinions on Vince? Compared to MJ, 98 Kawhi, 97 TMac, is he any good?

I love using cards that not too many people are rocking, and it seems that he may be the most under-used of the newer high-powered cards.

I clamped him with 1k mt Ruby Andre Roberson


His release feels really stiff and kinda slow. TMac is much better.

Dont overthink it, get MJ


I haven’t used him but he hasn’t done anything in TTO when I’ve faced him.

I’ve had him and MJ, sold both because I can’t justify 300k more than jimmy butler who gets the job done. That said, I loved the diamond Vince but I do not like his opal

He’s great.

MJ is better for sure. Vinces release is easy but slower. If he had HOF QD he would be as good as MJ.

Lance Stephenson> vince carter fight me :man_shrugging:t2:


I feel like both mj and Vince take too long to set their feet.

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I had vince first and he was fantiastic. Wasnt a fan of his release although it was good, just wasnt for me. Sold him and just grabbed GO MJ and man oh man, a different beast. He is truly unstoppable at this point right now if you play him right.

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If I’m shooting off a dribble, I try to do a L2 hesi quick stop and then shoot To get them to set their feet. With Vince, you can also do a regular right stick hesi and shoot off of it, not with MJ though - he will do a fade-away.


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GO Vince is a luxury item for God Squadders.

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

That said, he’s better at slashing than GO MJ and I’m currently shooting 73% from 3 with him over 10 games in MTU…




Cmon @DaNali you of all people know the answer to this


Peep the profile pic for a disclaimer but…

Best off the dribble shooter in the game - in fact, better shooting off the dribble than catch and shoot IMO. With the meter off, easy greens. To me, he’s better T-Mac. They do a lot of the same stuff. T-Mac’s release is better, but Vince’s finishing and off dribble shooting are better. Defensively probably equal, even tho he’s 2 inches smaller Vince is just fine handling SF

I tried MJ and didn’t like him nearly as much as Vince, but that’s probably because I didn’t wanna pay 400k for a card that is defense first and offense second. MJ can’t create his own shot even half as well as Vince can. They’re not at all similar IMO, so that comparison depends on what you want.

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Vince saved my ass multiple times in mtu games. I can only say good thing about this card


The only person I’ve played that had him just sprinted from one side of the key to the other hoping to get an open three.

Side note, I found it really productive to double the screen. This dude could have just sucked though.

Lmao I never said I wasn’t going to buy MT and grab MJ too lol.

Right off the bat though it seems like people don’t like this Vince card.

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