Opened 10 packs, got

Thon, porz, derozen, and…amy Anthony Davis? Where did he come from? Is this a win or L for ten packs?

Gotta take it, its only 10 packs, obviously no PD kyrie but diamond zingis isn’t horrible and I guess derozan isn’t the best pull for PD


I opened 2 20s and a 10 and got 2 Thons and Amy Shaq… That’s a W for you my guy. Big L for me.

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You probalby spesnt about 20 bucks, which after selling porz and derozan, you probably woudl get the same amount of MT for 20 bucks

15.99 i spent. Sale. Keeping porz tho

I just wanted the Unicorn… I’ll just have to buy him when I get out of class this evening.

I seem to do better buying individual packs. Never get good stuff from boxes. Got kobe and tmac when they came out and between both ofvthem i only opened 6 individual packs with mt. First time spending money since December