Open packs or just buy the player?

I have 250k coins and I am interested in getting kawhi and ben simmons for my team I was thinking if it would be better to open the deluxe packs, buy one of the payers off the market, or is it best to wait until the guaranteed goat card packs come out?

best is to wait for the goat packs, you could probably get them both with that 250k


Just wait

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Hittin those packs you will get all the cards worth 6k fuck that :rofl:


Opening packs with MT is the most ill-advised move you can make in all of MyTeam

That being said I do it cuz I’m an addict. Don’t be me. :laughing:



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DO NOT open the packs…

I had close to a mil when they dropped yesterday morning… I decided to blow it all in hopes for LBJ since he was gonna be like 3 Mil anyway and I couldn’t afford him…

Of course, I didn’t pull him (or even the full set) and with the leak of those GOAT packs, I could have just fucking bought him outright and got all the players I pulled with maybe the exception of Davis.

Like others have said, those cards you want will only continue to go down in price. Hop on a filter or wait a day or two. While you wait you can keep stacking MT and shit, there might be another card that comes out you want as well and you’ll have the bread to get em all


do you know any good filters that i can make mt on? and thanks for the advice!!!

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Hmm… Well Kawhi, AD & Simmons from this new set are still bid only. You could try for them and flip or keep. Any Giannis Opal for buy now is a snipe. You could go for lowest opals and just buy anything that pops up for 5k under the lowest one posted. 500 filter. Kevin Durant opal. New Luka for 60k and under. New Ingram for 50k and under.

Hey put these in too. Maybe you get lucky on one

Anyone think ben will drop soon?

bro don’t open the packs just don’t blew all my mt thinking i’ll get bron while i could’ve easily afforded him

Pulling goat cards in 2k is like trying to pull a golden ticket in madden. I pulled harden twice the first day from not opening packs for a while then after I kept pulling the cheap cards. I couldn’t even pull ben Simmons. It best to buy the cards vs opening packs for Kemba and Russell, lillard