Opal Zion with 38 HOF’s up for 24 hours

Go get em, PS4.

Did I mess up not posting him for 4 hours?

Curious what he ended up goin for

Still up for like 7 hours

Definitely made right choice for 24 hours with that many hof

I don’t think so. 40 HOF ones had like 3.5 million bids on them yesterday with 3.5 hours left. I should probably consider myself lucky to get 3. But I have a bad feeling about this. There are so many Zions up, it’s not like there’s 10 of them up and people can keep an eye on the one that has a lot. That’s why I should have acted way quicker. I’m gonna have a heart attack if he ends at only 2 mil.

He sold for a bit over 1.8 million MT. I still profited from it but this means that every HOF badge I added, made me 40k MT. Not the greatest return. Man I’m pissed. Should’ve listed him for 4 hours last night. Definitely would’ve made at least 1 million more.

Do we think it’s worth badging up Zion to 27 HOF badges?

Not any more. This may go for a million max.

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Nah man, you always want to post the card immediately while the set is still fresh and the card values are still high. The hype is still high and the base card will sell for more 4 hours after the release than it will 24hrs after the release when more have been pulled and the hype slowly fades out. 4 hours wouldve been the move if he wanted max profit from it for sure