Opal Wilkins EVO upgrades?

Anyone who can put a full list possibly or a photo? Also does TMac get a EVO?

Been trying to find out what they gave Dominique too, but I don’t think many people have this card. He was just a few stats and badges away from being usable before his upgrades too.

If nobody has posted his stats by the time I get home I’ll do it.
(Around 9:25 pst.)

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let me get it

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Still nothing special

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What ?? Damn…

How many badges get upgraded?

Wait huh? I seen 12 get upgraded for sure lol.

yep hes got it

I just seen this. Hes got 26 new HOF’s

Well shit looks like I’m back to playing triple threat offline.


And I quit playing TTOffline at like 700 wins thinking Wilkins was just useless. Guess I’ll get back to it.