Opal wade

i want to try to get him. before I start the run I’d like to know:

  • how much mt may it costs? (I’m at around 550 cards right now)
  • which is the best way to get cards? (better play offline modes? better play tto to get mt/packs)
  • how should I use my tokens? (better wait, get more players I can)

I’m being conservative but on ps4, depending on what cards you have, it will cost over 6 million, probably a lot more depending on what cards you have left, to get the 2250 card to reach wade. Probably not worth the headache. The PD is almost as good as the opal. Save yourself the trouble.


I would say its likely around 8-10 Million MT.
The last 100 cards from 2700 to 2800 were between 12k and 25k per card for me, so like 1,5-2 Million MT for last 100 cards only.
I did all of the Spotlight Sims for Harden, Domination and most of the previous Spotlights, all of the Token Cards till Amethyst and 30 Cards between Diamond and GO Token Cards.

I just say it, cause every free card counts, otherwise you will have to pay even morr for the last cards than 25k per card at the moment.

All in all: not worth anymore to START a grind for Opal Wade. If anyone is close, than it could be worth, but starting it again at the moment would be a real pain.

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I think I will never have all those mt.
I would like to try to get him because I have sold almost everything and I am waiting for new cards to come out to spend less to make my endgame squad, so I think I will have to wait another month.
more than for the opal itself I would do it for the achievement.
probably is something impossible for me.

The problem is, there are not so many new cheap cards coming. Its between 15-25 cards per Week in packs, most of them are diamond or higher.
Of course some cards are getting cheaper over time, but than there are others out of packs, which are getting price-fixed, especially if there is a collection reward.
I can feel you, that you would like to fullfill the reward, but its really, really demanding.
Maybe you would have more fun to lock in for a collection, if you want to achieve a rare card. Those cards are getting outclassed/have some auctionable counterparts fast (KAT, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett), but if its more about achieving for you, which I can understand, than go for this cards, trust me. Some of them (not Garnett) cost under a Million MT for the collection and are potential fun cards to use.

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You’re probably right.
I thought that as new cards cames out the cost was lower, but I hadn’t calculated that other cards became more expensive at the same time.
I’m not excited about locking for those player, because they are not my favorite ones.
I’ll probably grind some offline and try to get more mt, waiting for next releases.
Or simply get the cards I want and don’t care about loosing some mt

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That would be really the best thing you could do

in the end i decided to go for wade.
My first goal is pippen, then i will try to reach the final goal.
I calculated that I will have to earn 1.3/1.5 mln to reach pippen, then I don’t know.
it will be hard and it will keep me busy for a while :sweat_smile:
let’s see if I can get there!
let’s goo.

Good luck, keep us updated.

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