Opal Token Rewards

If you had to pick one of the opal token rewards right now, which one would it be and why?

Are you comfortable with quick shot releases?

Clyde… Because I killed with his pink diamond


Look at mchale stats

Yeah I don’t mind quick releases

Then, I’d go with Bob Petit. He’s a versatile forward with a lightning quick shot and HOF limitless range.

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I feel like the only times I’ve ever gone up against pettit it’s been against cheesers using him as a SG, haha

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That’s a possibility too :grinning: Also, I have just completely shut down a good player using the guarding non-ball handling hand principle. Thanks!

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Petit because he can post up and has hof limitless

Ya’ll think Clyde is better than Payton?

Played some dude who was using base 11 cheese behind screens, after game (he dashed out being down 20 half way thru the 3rd quarter) he told me he only used Pettit at 2 and etc because i was cheesing HEAVY with Iggy at point, i mean, dude had to do something against such a heavy dose of cheese, i am right? :joy::sweat_smile:

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Nice work man! Happy to help :slight_smile:

The more you do it the more you realise just how predicable these dribblers are. Makes them easy to lock up as they have no idea how to adjust, haha

And another one. I have also assembled a switch all team- everyone can guard all positions. Last few games were a nightmare for my opponents.

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Iggy worth a look?

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What’s that line up look like?

All opals: Simmons-PG-Giannis-AD-Hakeem

james worthy

Yah Iggy is a nice card, even moreso for the price.

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17gs. You guys ever been so baked that you go searching for a player and type in his nick name?

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I can’t redeem him.
I hate this game.