Opal TB Giannis worth 270k mt?

His price tag is still surprisingly high. But I realized I had pulled and put up Trae Young up for auction right before I took my hiatus. I am now sitting on 400k mt and wondering if he’s worth my stack.

MT is worth like $2.50 per 100 so is he worth a subway sandwich


I’m not spending another penny on this game. So MT to $$$ ratio doesn’t mean much to me. Just wondering if he’s worth over half my MT.

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What else are you goin to spend your MT on? The 2k20 demo is almost out

I dno. Other cards?

After 2 baskets well before takeover hes basically 99 everything. He’s worth it.

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Worth it

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Good shit. Shoe reco?

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I got one up right now with a contract and red kyries set to go off at 9 mountain time on ps4

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I use Dantoni and with South Beachs he gets Slash/Post.

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:100: % worth the price

he’s going for 140k now. EDIT. looks it ended at 180

Definitely not on ps4. It’s going for 230k still

dude he just ended at 182

Maybe my AH is glitching. But I have been trying to grab one for the past 30 minutes and I haven’t seen one go for 180 yet. But with these servers it could definitely be glitched for me

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I’m just going to bid on one and then hope I get one. Looking forward to the card.

definitely possible mine is glitching. he was going for 240-270 it seemed like

I have one for sale with a diamond contract and foams ending in 1 hour 54 min so I’m hoping for 250k+

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I just grabbed one for 230k and I’m cool with that. Can’t wait to run him. were you playing yours at SF?