Opal Roy

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“HeS nOt GoNnA bE GoOd”


Sg with no unpluckable ok 2k still great


literally everyone who didn’t play the challenges

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He can rebound and defend the interior somewhat. Interesting.

Roy >>>>>Ray…?

Thank god Flexible release and Hot zone Hunter at Gold not HOF

He’s better than I thought he’d be.

Only knock is no unpluckable, but that’s not a huge deal seeing as spamming dribble moves is t really the meta anymore anyway.

Glad he has a good strength rating and the ability to guard the post a little.

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Am I the only one that saw Kawhi can play SG and instantly didn’t care about this card anymore lol.


That was me until I saw Kawhi stats hope hes an in game god though :frowning_face:

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I need to see the dribble package but we might have a new apex SG.

He’s been a stud for me so far. Been running penny, Kawhi and Melo In tto. Melo can’t hit a fat chick with a Twinkie from deep. Post fade is green all day tho. Kawhi has been the most consistent so far.


Lets go lmao thats what I want to hear

And no bronze dimer. If you’re running him as point in TTO trying to pass to a big with iffy 3-ball, it could be annoying.

Broy has only a 60 driving dunk tendency. Doesn’t sound much… Guess that means a lot of driving dunk Attempts being converted to hard contested contact layups…

On the other hands, he has some finishing badges to get the best out of it. Even bail out… So you can pass out when you see it’s not gonna work

Whose ever idea it was at 2K to create badge like Steady Shooter needs to be fired ASAP.


Steady shooter… Destroys cards. Don’t know why they did this to him.

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Good fucking eye.

Opal Roy is a lay up machine. That’s the catch. Wow.

So true. If they wanted a badge like that all it needed to so is reduce penalties for being contested. I don’t know why it messes with open shot percentages.