Opal Payton’s release

Is it the same as his pd?

If it’s base 11 uhhhhhhhhcant decide between him and worthy

Is there a video of it?

get payton cuh

Not yet only 1 redeemed on PS4

Be number 2

I don’t wanna be locked into him if a opal magic come out tho ahhhhhhhhhh

who fucking cares do it gp gon put guys in a box

Once his release comes out if it’s fast ima get him most likely

He has Mouth 11 :cold_face:


Anyone know if his dribbles are nice?

PD was great for me.
Very good dribble package, amazing fade and moving shot, good layup package and even threw it down a lot.

But Payton isn’t for everyone. He’s not a scoring PG.
Should be used as a lockdown defender and a bully on offense.
But now that he’s juiced, I guess that you can chuck it from the logo.

base 11 is the same speed as any other base 11 cuh

GP should be the 1st pick out of these. You can easily get a fully decked out Clyde for 35k lmao

I bet you the Drexler is filthy though, he has some of the top top tier animations in the game.

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So does the PD

new jumper confirmed


Worthy or Payton?

Goddam… I need tokens bad… :sob:

Did they give him base 11?

It looks almost like it.