Opal Paul George

Just saw this. Any idea how to get him? Did not think there was a drop today. Takeover Horford also available.

He’s in collections - it’s ‘Special Edition’ - will be in some sort of pack for sure, not reward.

Yikes - Guaranteed PG for 198000 VC - market’s done lol

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I guess pay to play will always win out.


Hopefully he’s cheap on the AH like Kareem

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these guaranteed player packs are scary because this will likely be the norm if we ever get real loot box legislation. this removes the gambling aspect and makes it completely pay to win. i’ll have to leave the mouse alone because $50 for an opal is crazy. i would have to finally quit this mode

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The card looks nice but for $50 u have to be kidding. They give us the worse PD in the game just so they can make up for it by doin this. This kinda turns me off to the game. I NEED NBA LIVE TO COME BACK :joy::joy:

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how much is Paul George on xbox on auction house

Disagree as this is the greatest idea the developers instilled in this game. 21 pack box that will be nothing less than duplicate after duplicate cost 225K VC and ZERO guarantee of anything. Plus in a few days if not a week, I am sure PG will cost around 500k MT or less like KAJ. Win win for 2k and the community and hopefully this trend continues.


100% agree

you don’t want to spend $50 on a card, don’t (I will not), but this can’t be bad for the community as a whole

and $50 is (if one buys VC) the price of a 20 packs box plus what, 2 other packs - and pretty much guaranteed most people would get no sh*t out of it


In the current system, it isn’t “bad”, but that’s only because it’s better than gambling on packs. The lesser of two evils. The Paul George market is only going to flood because other cards that were based on luck are appealing (like Demar for Tim Thomas or Kobe). If all cards were guaranteed attainable through VC packs, then that drives the market super high because there is no reason to buy a card unless you want them on your squad because you’d have already bought the cards you wanted. Demar would be a couple hundred thousand max if he had been available for outright purchase. It completely removes luck pulls from MT/VC singles or challenge rewards. The only cards in the AH would just be whales and badge flippers.

TL;DR this only works as long as regular loot box packs stay in the game, which I don’t think will last that much longer.

Precisely why I support this?!

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I stand corrected. I never really thought about the buying packs and the cost of them. I hardly buy packs so wasnt even thinking about that aspect so this just eliminates the gambling and just give u the chance to spend that money on the card itself. Actually thinking about another aspect it kinda is a good idea. Thank u for that way to look at it.

There is Paul George’s finishing in the auction house like every 5 seconds. So he probably will eventually be pretty cheap. I tried to get one for around 250K but people keep bidding on every card. I guess I should wait till his price drops. Kareem’s were finishing for under 200k after a few days.

Usually we get the first opal in packs on Christmas. 2k a month ahead of their normal schedule. Which I guess makes sense. Some people will get dark matter Duncan or Dr. J next week.

I’ve been looking for PG too but his price rebounded a bit and now are getting bid to 400+ with a minute to go. I got a Magic for 215K though, less than half what he was going for a week ago

So what’s the move with PG? Wait for his price to drop or is everybody trying to get him so his price rises?

I think I’m waiting until after quals at least, unless I see a cluster and can get him under 250-275K

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Yeah 250k for that card is a Black Friday deal for sure.

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I heard people were able to get him in that range in the first surge. But I work graveyard and I needed to sleep for a while lol

I’m afraid his price may actually rise for some reason. Idk, I’ll keep an eye on his price over the weekend.