Opal pat bev

To anyone who is looking forward to using pat bev I feel bad for you.

His height just doesn’t Cut it his jumper is on hof qd and Is like no qd at all is super slow (opal Rodman treatment)

Don’t get me wrong his defence is alright in general there are just way many more better options

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You’re definitely right

Tony Allen and Pat Bev are suck cards


Haven’t gotten Allen yet but I’m not surprised Allen is going to be ass aswell but his diamond back in late December was a pretty good card but ofc 2k has to screw with his release

I honestly don’t think any of the cards are too good on the road to get GOAT curry. Smith looks like a worse butler, Schremp and Hamilton look like they have really slow releases off the quick stop and look like cones, Tony Allen has the most broken release I’ve used, and Pat Bev is just tiny.

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Having got Schrempf and Smith, I can assure you they’re impactful and extremely usable online. Not god squad level cards, but you can’t expect that really for free content

Those two are very good. From there, I’d say Coleman/Rip are just solid, usable cards, with Bev/Allen being terrible


True Schremp and Joe Smith are useable and quite good cards but not god level.