Opal P.George vs opal V.Carter

who you taking at SG?

Paul George Height and Can Sell Back


Have you redeemed Vince yet? How is he?

I haven’t. Im using Hakeem and AD already so Im thinking about just finishing the set for Vince but i dont really need him

Well there’s always Jimmy Butler whom everyone is raving about… Petit, Worthy, Embid.

Nice. yea im not sure if I’ll lock the set but Jimmy or Vince seems like the move. I got bigs coming out my nose rn


I’m locking now and taking Petit. Vince seems like a waste of Tokens. 6”6 sg whom has a PD already with 16 Hof badges including all of the same offensive ones. Only difference seems to be Hof d stopper and better rebounding and strength

if you’re wondering if VC is worth the tokens he’s sick

i’ll take VC over george but it’s close & george is auctionable, but VC is VC… he feels so fast with the ball it’s crazy & dribbling animations are park level

George no doubt if I could have either

I already locked PG but Im wondering if I should spend the extra 250kish and just get Vince. You can tell I’m bored haha

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Don’t get Vince

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Unless 2k changed VC’s animations Paul George’s are better except jumpshot speed

i took vince he feels faster but his shot is the same as the pd his d# is sick i put pink add on him he gets shot slash with mike d


I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t use the camera switch on defense, interesting.


Lmao that half court shot at the end :rofl:

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This isn’t the right place for this, but I’m torn on redeeming Worthy and you all are discussing reward Opals. Comparing stats and badges, what can he do that Cowens can’t? Cowens has wayyy more total attribute points, and balls the F out.

He can create his own shot with his sick dribble moves and score with a beautiful post fade.

Best time to buy go George???

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When super packs come :slight_smile:

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