Opal Odom 😍

Sorry for the voices in the chat



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Did you have any shoe on him when you used him in freestyle? Looked super quick lol

His Diamond could move but NOT like that. Damn.

No ! His sizeup package it’s the faster in the game , it’s unreal see a 6 10 with this wingspan with this moves .
I ve open packs with park made VC , I get this card I was thinking on sell without question … but Now I know about this :cold_face:

I was not expecting this :sweat_smile:


A 6 10 with crazy defense tendencies and arms , with this sizeup . It’s crazy


better than hedo? hedo has hof quick draw

Ye , can dribble glitch and pro 2 sizeup … and huge player model and defense

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Dude I’m such a sucker for guys with long lanky player models. Odom was my favorite card for a while. I might have to buy him but hes a small fortune right now.

Honestly I don’t notice difference on this base .

say less…im copping him

I ve pulled him , and I was like ( when I will sell him to get the most ?) after I take him to freestyle , and I will not sell him for sure :sweat_smile:

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A 6 10 with pro 2 sizeup … it’s unfair , it’s so weird to see a 6 10 moving this way , looks like a huge play glass

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I’m sold.

I want him.

https://youtu.be/A88uvlR5KfM He is so huge xD

his arms are way longer than hedo’s

my concern is if I can peak and quick stop as quick without hof quick draw

Feels like Hedo for me , in TT0 it’s not a problem , of course on unlimited with all the smother on ball etc … will me more difficult , it’s not like 98 … but it’s enough for 7 out of 10 unlimited opponents for sure

https://youtu.be/WYsN1dF6Pq0 Look at him , I’m hype :sweat_smile:

What would be the best shoe for him? PG4s, lillard 3s, hyperdunks, or another shoe?