Opal muresan already a 55k bin

Go pick him up he’s cheese with gold range now :joy:

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xbox or ps?


In the current meta, he’s just too slow. He can score 2 points on every single possession, sure. But 3s > 2s. And he’s soooo slow, when matched up against Kareem, Wiseman, Yao, Wilt, Shaq etc etc. Those cards are gonna be running circles around him on Fist 64 situations.


dino and eddie probably the same?


@Shoko just creamed his pants

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Yeah he’s not as good as the wiseman or Shaw I use but for the people who don’t spent a lot of money he’ll be ok for them I personally wouldn’t use him but a 7’7 with almost 90 ever stat for 47-58k isn’t bad

He’s not THAT slow.

86 speed with coach and shoe.

Not ideal, but far from unusable.

Yeah, he will get buckets for sure, but he got a 79 speed and 84 lateral. When people run 5-out on him, he’s gonna be on an island.

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Yeah he doesn’t make the cut for me either

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Oh dear god no now this mans a bin who else 2k ?


Pretty sure eastern night time would be more lit on the prices

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Hes unsuable for me. I cant do shit with that lateral quickness

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He’s now just another 7’7 thin with hof clamps

I mean, if you have unlimited MT, it won’t hurt you to have him at 13th spot on your bench, but he’s unusable in this meta.

Blake wasn’t bin on consoles? I thought he was a budget beast, he was 30-40k on PC even before the new promo


Crash was nice last night. I swapped my KP for one with shoe and contract and only took a small loss selling back my naked one. Gonna be lots of deals out there today, too.

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Point guard giannis is a BIN