Opal Magic?

I’m praying he’s not the Prime reward for obvious reasons, but how long do you guys expect it’ll take before we get the best PG of all-time?

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May or June in playoffs content.

Next week at the rate 2k is going.


And he’ll have HoF Range Extender.

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Potentially very soon. 2K never releases a card without a counter soon after

See how quickly in succession we got PD Magic, Glitch Bron, Glitch Giannis? All in the span of 5 weeks. I give it 3 weeks at most until we have Opal Simmons or Opal Magic

My money is on Opal Ben as the lock in for Prime 2 because you can make that card fucking absurd and entice people to lock cards like KD and whatever else comes next. But you could argue Opal Magic is just as OP (I prefer Ben’s animations/release)