Opal Magic

See is going for under 200k on Xbox. How is he? Wondering if I should pull the trigger mt ain’t an issue. Just want a review on him?

He’s fantastic. Only that cheap because of Dark Matter (over)hype. Don’t really need to take anyone on here’s word for it - Tydebo called him the best PG in the game and fwiw, I agree.


He’s a god. I was running PD Magic until a week ago and he was consistently destructive on both ends. The advantages of this Magic, besides the obvious stat and HOF Badge boosts, is that he doesn’t limp his way up the court anymore and his shot on quick is actually pretty decent. I pretty much never shot 3s with PD Magic because the shot was so slow and awkward, but it’s MUCH better on quick and makes him a more versatile threat on offense. Get one with HOF Clamps and you’ve got a point guard that you can credibly run for the rest of the year


I put the white pumas on him, he’s a beast !!! He glides around the court and makes plays happen so easily

I’m thinking of selling the comic one tho to make save some my and just pick up the pantheon one, thoughts ?

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He’s a Beast, gave him a 3pt shoe, range & clamps, and I think if I can lock in for that DM Phil Jackson I think Magic is my end game guard. Him with a reliable jumper is a God. Even if he can’t guard the new wave of guards he can easily guard a 3/4

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What’s the price difference?

Will he go up in value due to lock in?

On next gen he’s the best pg in the game and it’s not even close imo. Absolute god. On current he’s still jogging up the court instead of running. It’s not as bad as the pd, but still pretty annoying.


Doubtful. The lock in rewards look to be trash. We were all expecting an insane player for locking each set. These coaches ain’t it

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Hes elite. Dribble with him, break down defenses, be creative just dont zig zag or run in circles.

Luka still my number 1 PG on next gen but sometimes I like putting Magic at the 2 since it let’s me get Luka, Hondo and KD around him. Hes super versatile on both ends.

In a normal drop that didnt have 4 DM cards hed be 700k. At his price you dont really have a choice but to get him if you have the MT.


Its nice to use him with Doncic running the offense , he just need that hof clamps

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Got a regular pantheon one on PS5 early this morning, The guy put Deep Threes HOF and Clamps HOF on him with a diamond contract and grinches. I paid only 430k for him. Felt like I just robbed a bank

Haven’t played with him yet but don’t see a pg better than him until a ben simmons/giannis pg card comes out that can shoot

Yeah, I got one on XBox last night with HOF Clamps, Deep Threes, and Rim Protector added for like 360k. Bid in the middle of the night, and was pleasantly surprised when I checked today.

He is an absolute savage… end of story.

Lmao we are too similar.

I mess around with this line up with Luka running the show…


Magic is fine as a cone lol, plays good D and he can push the ball and when he does hes surrounded by demons lol

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Lol you got Kawhi on the pine ?

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Only if I’m using that group. That shit is pain seeing Kawhi on the bench lol

It’s either him or Hondo on the bench and I just rather have Magic basically as my fake Kawhi on D. If Magic could play the 4 hed be perfect but yeah Kawhi starting all of season 5 I stand by that lol

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I don’t know if I can give up Luka…his release.

That’s the only problem for me with Magic. As of now, he has sent Luka to the bench, and I didn’t think I’d say that for quite awhile.

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Wow. My Luka has contract/shoe/31 HOFs. I was comparing last night and realized they are very similar, but Magic has height but Luka has the shot.

I have ran Magic quite a bit in the past, but this Luka may be may favorite PG I’ve played with in MyTeam lol

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Just bought naked one for 180k. Gonna throw a shoe on him and take him for a ride.

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