Opal Lonzo Ball

Thoughts on the card for those who have used him?

Primarily as a playmaker and defender which he seems like he would be perfect for such a role.

He’s pretty good at everything like u said a good playmaker and defender but can also score decently well. You just have to get his release down since it has a learning curve

Good at everything besides shooting. One of the more realistic cards in the game now.


his shot is slow smh…he’s like oscar

Don’t see how that’s a bad thing, considering that oscar is a force.

Ima buy him and try him out, I don’t exactly play to cheese, I like playing real ball so hopefully he checks out and performs well.

His shot is weird because he doesn’t get off the ground really. I hate it off the peek. Opal Lavine feels so much better all across the board

he’s good for rim running no dribble move style

I enjoy playing with him. Wanted to sell him with a diamond contract but having second thoughts now. He’s fast and is a good defender. Shot animations are weird but a 3 pointer is a no problem and greens easily. Slams are cool too.

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Take ur time getting used to this card and u r going to love it. He just lucks strength. But he plays like he has way more. His shot is not slow. Its a fast shot. People that say its a slow release are lying or not used the card themselves. Its a weird release dont get me wrong. but when u master it u will see that is a fast release indeed. His passing is top tier. He has some amazing dunk animations. He is fast. And a lockdown defender.

He is not Magic or Simmons level. He is on Oscar tier with Oscar having the upper hand.


Update? Is he good?

Every card sucks besides Wade and Herro to this guy and @Pedronqneves haha.

You guys were trying to tell me you dont see the same animations and shots in MyPlayer, but every card sucks except for two cards with the same OP shit.

I have him and he’s great, his release is so easy to green off the catch

Don’t tell that to @anon58151219 though haha

read what I wrote…he’s ass depending on your playstyle

if you like to rim run and can’t dribble he is perfect

I mean I’ve never once said it’s a bad card, just said that it’s debatable whether it’s better than Bonga who is like 1/15 of the price…


Haha tongue in cheek comment mate, respect your opinion

Already using Bonga as one of the last three off my bench as the cheap answer to the likes of Simmons/Magic. Agree that he’s great value. Finding that Ball is much better than the likes of other 6’6”-ish guys I’ve used (Brogdon/Caruso/Winslow/Luka etc)

I actually like the Zo card.

His shot definitely takes getting used to, but his slashing is incredible. He’s made a lot of good defensive plays for me off the ball, getting in lanes and stuff before I even switch to him.

I’m not great with the dance moves yet, but for someone like me, his handle is fine. Btb is legit. He’s quick. I think he’s a card that you want to really take the time to learn but if you want to do that, he can be unstoppable with the right guys around him.

I still like Greek, Magic, Ja and Wade over him

Edit: forgot about that beast Big O

Lonzo has great dribble moves in 2k tho lmao

You do know there’s more to dribbling than just hesitation into pull up J’s right?

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Might wait till Friday to grab him just Incase something nice drops.

But I’ll keep ya updated

ik every dribble move but my point is jumpshot speed is important for peaks…you won’t be able to score a 3 on me with that slow ass jumper

you have to rim run with lonzo