Opal Kyrie or Limited

I have the Limited PD and is the most fun card to play with. So I decided togive it a run at the Opal, but he seems tad slower and not as deadly from beyond the arc. Any one else is experiencing the ssme?

I’ve seen the GO Kyrie throw down some nasty dunks in game.

If anything the defense, dunking, and badges are the difference.

He doesn’t create space like the limited one does.

That is exactly what I am seen, I will probably sell back the Opal and keep the Limited.

Are there any difference between Opal and Limited’s animation?

Damn this thread just made me realize Ive never faced a PD or Opal Kyrie.


:thinking: the limited has different animations?

I’ve used both i dont think their animations r diff? I could b wrong its been a minute. But i will say the GO is far n away a better card. The defensive badging n dunk tendencies make the opal a whole diff animal.


Nah I just feel like the opal doesn’t create space as well. Atleast when he first dropped. We are surrounded by opals now. The limited came out when it was mostly Pink diamonds

After trying both of the I agree Limited creates more space, moves smothly and dribbles better. True, the Limited does not have the dunking ability the opal does but it gets the buckets thru some awsome layups which for some reason dontbget blocked as often as they should.

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how…same animations and player model

Limited drank MJs special sauce.