Opal KP which shoe?

What y’all slap on him?

Are the Pro Bounce adidas the best?

Ball control
Def rebound - only thing he doesn’t need
Speed w ball

Weatherman’s I think are the only shoe that adds strength though it’s a waste on his rebounding

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I went with Fear of God.

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Yea I was just gonna say maybe the fear of god are better. What coach you run and do you happen to know his takeover with those?

I run Malone and got Sharp.

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Ohhh my that’s my coach and I’ll take that lemme cop before they go up lol

Gonna be a glitch with sharp take being able to speed boost with 90+ speed

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I put jordan ball handle/speed with ball/dunk on him

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Yea he could use the dunk too

Dunk is the lowest rating of all you can add with a sneaker that give ball handle, and it’s also really cheap, I bought it for 2500 on bid