Opal Kobe ratings

I should get Kobe in about 10 days. Does he still have a 60 shot contest and reaction time or is it just a glitch that didn’t get corrected on 2KMTC?

Shot contest doesn’t exist in 2K20, how a player contests a shot depends on perimeter/interior defense, depending on where the shot is taken.


those stats dont get used in the game anymore robbie confirmed that

Thanks, but if the ratings aren’t used, why did they set them to 60?

its from last years cards


if you flip the card in game he only has like 3 stats under 99. 95 interior d, block and something else

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So they changed it after all. Thanks.

If you check MTDB, shot contest and PNR D isnt listed. 2KMT is using the same attribute system from 2k19

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