Opal Klay flip help

Opal Klay flip help

So, yesterday Klay dropped. I knew he was gonna get an Opal. I was pissed because I couldn’t pull him and he was 300k but I was MT broke. I make some flips in the AH, log out, comeback and Idk if it’s the AH bugging or what, but I end up getting two Klays on bid for ~65k a piece. I throw the second in my AH. Today he’s already back up to 97k+, every BIN <100k is getting snatched up.

Should I sell now and accept a 25k flip. Or will he climb once he’s out of packs. Ideally I wait it out for a possible Steph duo, but of course he could crash from any number of super packs. Any advice?

Klay ain’t that cheap, are you playing 2k19? Lol

Sorry, I’m on PC lol

Lol pc market is different. Maybe put him up for bid, cuz this token market might drive his price up

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I was gonna say I was about to hop tf on and snatch some up haha