Opal Jordan Coming Tomorrow in Packs (Likely Sig Series)

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That looks like a Sig to me and I think it will be a Opal Sig


Probably, wish it were a set though

Damn. I hate signatures but it’s GO Jordan

Limited. 1 of 1 lol


Opal Sig

RIP Flight School and Anni 1 Re Release

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Limited 230 lmao price on that fucker is gonna be insane

Yeah if theres a 98 pd jordan and a opal. Ill prob go with the 98


Packs odds are always bad with these too. I rather it be a set

Limited Jordan Yikes

So no new promo. Dissapointed.

Was hoping for sidekicks.


This should have been a promo

It may just be a 98 tho tbh which will have 15-18 hof badges which is basically a opal. I’m just glad I’ll be able to afford his PD for my NC College team

I really hope it’s some insane low # of limited. I’ll use the whole bankroll.

Well they didn’t drop a Sig 2 weeks ago like they were suppose to so this makes sense.

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It may be 23 if that’s the case this card will do for 1.5-2 mil for a while and if it’s a opal and his final card I say 3 mil average

I’m just glad I’m not that big of a Jordan Fan


Limited to 23 would be closer to 10 mil imo.

A lot of whales out there after Giannis sell off.

Very true

If i pulled that I’d sell that MT ASAP that’s $1000