Opal Jimmy Buckets Is ...What? (Your Opinions?)

Note - I’m on CURRENT Gen

No I haven’t used him yet, but on paper he looks seriously disappointing. 2K is just trying to hoodwink and bamboozle us into paying that much just because he’s the first auctionable Opal. Reasons why:

  1. He doesn’t have HOF Clamps (this one shocked me)
  2. No HOF Heart Crusher
  3. No HOF Range (at least this one makes sense)
  4. Defensive tendencies are somewhat subpar. (Compare to Frobe, Bird, or even Walt Frazier and Token Opal GP)
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He is the first auctionable opal, so it was almost inevitable that he would be overpriced.

That’s part of the glow!


They bout to get you for this one

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No disr but no way you thought this was thread worthy

What was your point? We know the first Opal is gonna be reggie in the grand scheme of things. We know lol

He’s still one of the best cards in the game right now and auctionable


He’s one of the top wings in the game because he can play the 2 and has HOF intimidator. Only other players that compare is Kobe and Kawhii who isn’t even attainable yet.

I think the only reason he didn’t get HOF clamps is because they wanted to create some distance between him and the season kawhi reward.

His price is out of control because he’s the first AUCTIONABLE opal this year and everybody pooping there pants for a opal colored card.


Thought it was thread-worthy because I hadn’t heard anyone broach the subject yet. And being the first auctionable Opal, he’s kind of big MyTeam news right now.

And I welcomed anyone that had him that has different opinions to dispute me.

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Let’s do it - where should I start


I just thought it was funny that many said Kobe was overpriced because of his name. But I think his card is far superior to Jimmy.

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  • Jimmy has a huge player model, looks about 6’10 in game

  • Extremely smooth shot, and it’s on quick compared to normal which is very important

  • Jimmy has long athlete and more dunk packages/ showtime dunks

  • Jimmy has very good badging

  • Jimmy is better on defense statistically, and an 80 standing dunk is an extremely underrated stat

  • Jimmy’s animations and weight make him very hard to stop on breaks and in iso

He’s a 97 Opal, nobody expected the first one to be juiced to the tee. But we’d be lying if we said he’s not the best 2 in the game


As for this, you can’t compare him to two point guards. So as for Kobe and bird, he’s better tendency wise

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My Jimmy has HoF Deep… :smirk:


what does your team look like now?

Kobe is better. Reasons why:

-HOF Clamps
-significantly better defensive tendencies (more important than stats)
-better sigs
-better release (just my opinion)

Reasons why Jimmy is better:
-HOF Quick Step

I just listed multiple reasons why Jimmy is better. Come on bro like at least be rational

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Kobe has HoF Deep too.


I look at on ball steal MINUS foul tendency which is important.

Kobe --> 95-5=90
Jimmy --> 90-28=62

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See now you just making shit up :joy::joy:


If he’s gonna be heavily bias I’m not gonna waste my breath

As someone with both cards… Jimmy is better. Kobe is there because he’s Kobe.


Tbh his price is kinda low since he’s the first auctionable opal.

Jimmy is the best sg in the game now, he looks so huge in game… but I would still take a badged out PG over jimmy at the sf position, I guess I’m more used to him even though Jimmy has that hof intimidator over him and the tendencies (this is just my opinion)