Opal james harden thread

Idk if its just i cant play with short guards but opal harden isnt that good

let me know what you think about him and who is an opal that is op at guard

I just went 38 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals. He’s good.

how did you use him his release is too slow

Learn how to dribble my man
@Ambish has some great tutorials online and quite a few park youtubers have helpful dribble videos as well

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Once you start dribbling you’ll realize how OP harden’s behind the back is
He can break offball just like Giannis can with his moving cross

i watched him earlier that was going to be my plan

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I agree with above. He has a myriad of shot/layup animations and dribbles+euro+stepbacks that you have to practice and combo to use him to his fullest potential. Hes a bit like a Curry. Once you learn his moves you will see his potential. Not for beginners. Hedo is another one of those guys


I understand im just use to bigger guards magic and “ giannis”

Buy a PD Harden. One with 6 HOF badges and try him out. It’ll give u an idea of how the opal is.

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You never been cooked by a Harden? You can learn a lot from your opponent If you’re not too busy off balling. Not you but the majority of the scared folks

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Once a card cooks me a few times I definitely give him a look

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Anyone can use magic, he got really boring for me fast
If I just wanted to win i’d Post up on smaller guards all day but Harden’s the most fun card in the game imo

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Yup. Respect to guys to master cards like harden. Turk. Danny G. Y’all know that shit is scary when u see them

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Add MPJ to that list that dude is crazy

TMac has insane handles for me, always catch so many ankles.

Also, with cards like Harden you have to understand every miss is closer to a make. Evaluate the shots you take and learn from them. It’s like real life basketball. After you chuck up a million dumb shots you will take better shots eventually. Or just move on to another card. Don’t be afraid to try new shots. I personally love leftys

You catch ankles with Isaiah thomas too though so I think you’re just good at catching ankles in general😂

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already have the opal bro he just cant shoot with me and driving all game is boring😂

Bro that IT has crazy moves!

Too bad I’ve only used him like 70 times in 4 months.

How many games in show me your stats