Opal Giannis

Anyone seen the post on reddit with the guy who got the notification that he got to the Giannis collector level. Not sure if it’s real but Thoughts if so? lol would be pretty funny if 2k fucked up like this…

This is what he’s referring to.

Lucky guy

1 guy getting 1 op card is nothing compared to thousands getting pd hardens :joy:


This is not possible, there’s not enough cards on the market.

Do we all try buy heaps of cheap cards quickly lol - thats what the guy said triggered it. what if this is like a thing tho haha I mean. I might go buy 10 logos see what happens :joy::sweat_smile:

Lmao why would he post it they gon take it from him

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This would mean he has jr too tho

Gotta flex man hahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It just popped up for him out of the ordinary lol

Wow tgats crazy

Everyone is scrolling that menu today lmao

Link personally gets it