Opal gasol

Anyone try him, stats are amazing, how is the release and ball handling

not about pau gasol… but maybe you should change your profile picture

I’ll have him in a few hours

What’s wrong with his picture lol


Ya curious as well

That’s the same as the scammer that got banned. But that’s not a huge problem :sweat_smile:


Your fake scammer burner account . SMH

Probably time for a change soon

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For real though how is that Opal Pau? Haven’t heard much about him but he looks crazy on paper.

Opal Pau. Great tall lanky player model. Shot is a little slow but very easy to green. Seems similar to Porzingis. I like Pau’s shot better tho.

Really good value once evolved. Similar to Bol but with a better post game. The Opal is probably worth 250k+ in value.

Working on the evo in TT offline … boring but not too bad for rebounds and blocks


Anyone have a link to his evo’d stats?

https://2kmtcentral.com/20/players/9020/pau-gasol click the evo star near the card and itll show the stats. doesnt show badges unfortunately

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Anyone know what’s required to evo?

1000 pts, 500 boards, 50 blocks 40 games

Wow, how are there so many opals? Maybe tto

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It’s way slower and for me harder to green than Porzingis’ shot. Requires a lot of of freestyle practice. I’m hoping we’re getting new spotlights so I can evolve him while grinding.

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Got em


gimme a pau review please and thanks