Opal Fat Lever

It is sad how close I am to fat Lever, I am now less than a hundred wins away from him. Anyone else going for him?

Tyrese Haliburton better at this point :laughing:


i know, I just like doing boring grinds for trash new cards


I got him a few days ago.

He’s not as bas as some people make him out to be. Not worth the grind at all considering how long it is, but he’s a usable card.

Exum base helps him out a lot.

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for me he’s a great cone at the 1 while I’m running my offense through C Durant at SG, very solid card.

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He’s not bad. Just a dozen or more cards just like him.

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Ask @element how good he is he had him 400 wins ago on his ferry grind lol


Who said he’s bad?? Only those who don’t have him could say something like that. He’s very good: Exum base, Curry slide, great defense, great dunk package, hof range… He’s mini Luka. The “mini” part is the only problem. Other than that, he’s amazing.

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545 wins ago to be exact

He would be 20k on the AH if that helps answer the original question


Man, you been no lifing tt offline

I mean, I personally love using him. However, I’m on next gen and he’s kinda a personification of my dedication to TTOff this year.

I dunno man 🤷 just use the cards you want to use I guess, that’s why it’s myteam! :yum:

He doesn’t look great. Surely with the next season they increase the wins to 1500 and add in a DM (hopefully)

I was rocking with his diamond earlier this year for a few weeks, that card was good enough for me to rack up the W’s.