Opal Donovan Mitchell?

Do we think it will be hard/long to get him?

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That’s what she said


If he’s good then yeah it’ll be a grind. If he’s ass, probably not


Based on the number of agendas left Spida and drexler will be free. PD or Opal? Surely not 2k.

Ray Allen is pretty nice btw for small time invested

They confirm today during 250k that Donovan opal is coming tomorrow or Monday I think. Yeah ray not bad, nice to have him for potential theme teams and stuff


It’ll be similiar to Ray Allen.

Donovan mitchell isn’t a pack mover so they are finding a reason to give him an Opal.
No different to putting in Opal players in TTO.


Probably Monday, I’m guessing. We’re due for two Modern Age cards according to agendas

I’m guessing opal Donovan and maybe diamond Herro

We’ll get two agenda cards and all-star moments tomorrow. The agendas will Mitchell and the other one will either be Herro or Edwards

How do you obtain this Ray Allen? I am away from console right now.

you have to play some challenges like score 53 points with any AD in a single game, 9 3p with any PG in a single game, score x points with any LBJ in multiple games, make 10 dunks and 5 rebounds with any Shaq in a single game, etc…

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Thank you. I remember seeing those now. 5-6 hours max

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or KAT :eyes:

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We know how much 2K loves KAT so :eyes::sweat_smile:

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If kat code incoming, noone is ready. Noone will ever be!

Needed 3 games of rookie Dom against the Knicks and 1 or 2 TTO games for the last LBJ points ( 100)

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say what?

its so easy to get 100 points in 1 game even with dunkings. on rookie dom if i shoot 3’s im getting close to 190 points

Why you guys playing rookie dom when you can hit every shot on pro spotlights and at least progress towards something?

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Yes but you have to achieve several agendas like 53 for Ad etc.
400 points in a single game would be huge

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ah you mean like for the whole ray allen group… for sure for sure