✨ Opal D.Wade Review - Master of the Pick and Roll

Wanted to do a review of Wade for those who were going after him. I’ve never been a fan of Wade cards in 2K and in all the previous years his cards have never stayed on my team. THIS year is different. Wade has an argument for best card in the game in the leagues of Giannis and Ben Simmons and i’ll try to explain why.

Since the BTB patch, scoring has gotten much harder in 2K20. There are two main ways most players score in the game. Rim running for dunks/layups at the basket or 3pt hunting off of ball screens. Wade is 100% the best card for 3pt hunting and overall PnR scoring IMO.


  • Lightning Fast Jumpshot: I’m sure most people on here have used the PD Wade so you already his jumpshot is one of the best in the game. What makes him so deadly is that he has the Pro 3 hesi that you can cancel out of fast and go into your shot. His jumper is so quick that you don’t need much space at all to get it off

  • Dribbling Animations/Badges: We all know Wade has some of the best dribbling animations in the game. Pro 3 hesi, smooth sizeups, good stepbacks. The area where the Opal really outshines the PD version IMO is with the dribbling badges. Badges like HOF Handles For Days, Tights Handles, Unpluckable really shine on the Opal if you use Wade as a primary ballhandler. He does the speedboost after between the legs pretty often and its great when trying to create space

  • Defensively plays bigger than 6’4 Height: With position locks this year, it’s important that your team can match up well vs bigger players. This is another area where i feel like the Opal really pulls away from the PD version. Opal Wade doesn’t have trouble guarding bigger players in the post at all. The 90 strength and 99 block really takes effect on him. The 99 block especially shows as he gets blocks on bigmen at times. I’d say the PD version can score just as well as the Opal but defensively is where the Opal really separates himself.

  • Best PnR Scorer you can find: His dribble animations combine with his fast ass jumpshot pretty much forces people to sell out to stop his 3ball. When they start to hard hedge or switch, then you change directions and go to the rim easily. I try to show this in the video with the dribbling and quick change of direction. His hesi sizeups are smooth and you can get the defender moving one way then quickly go the other way around the screen. Best threat of shooting off the screen or driving off the screen. Just wish 2K had the ability to split the pick hedge like D.Wade did in real life :smile:


  • PD Scores just as good as Opal: Not really a con but just something to consider from a VALUE standpoint. The PD version can score just as easily as the Opal version. Opal has cleaner dribbling because of badges but in terms of shooting/slashing/scoring the PD does the same job IMO

  • Expensive for a 6’4 Guard: Don’t get me wrong, Wade plays bigger than his 6’4 height but i’ll still list it as a con because there are other auctionable and cheaper SGs/PGs out there that are just bigger. If you just want all height and shooting then Wade may not be worth it for you

Overall…very very very good card. There’s a reason why the elite players give Wade a lot of usage on their team. With his combo of dribbling animations, quick jumpshot, and great badges he can put up a ton of points super easily in this mode. Sure Simmons and Magic can power their way to the rim for dunks/layups…but when Wade is in the hands of an elite player he can be damn near unstoppable in the PnR. He’s fast enough to get away from the Hedge Defender and get his shot off before the defender can close out as shown in the video. In reality, you either have to switch the PnR vs him or just sell out to stop his 3pt shot and give up the 2.

If you run a lot of PnR and like to score off of ball screens…then yes this is the absolute BEST card to do it with. If you use your PG/SG as more of a facilitator or spot up shooter then its probably not worth going after Wade. For me, its the most fun i’ve had with a Wade card in all of My Team Mode.

I wish i could get more playing time in with him but my internet has been trash over the past week with so many people home because of the lockdown. Almost every shot i take is early or late and its just been a pain to play games online :anguished: . Once my Internet gets back to normal(hopefully soon) then i’ll jump back on 2K to use Wade a lot more.


Thank god for EarvGotti’s gameplays

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Some of the blocks this little man gets is crazy tho.


I’m starting now and I need a bench PG , any player similar ? With pro 3 hesi and a fast jumper ?

I’m happy you have seen the light. Seems like everyone who uses him feels this way but people still hate on him when they haven’t used him

This card is insane. THE best card in the game - better than Opal AD imo (based on my early AD impressions)

Also loving the jerseys :heart_eyes:


you could try to snipe abit for PD wade? probably goes for 100k or less. probably above your budget, but i’m not super in tune with cards having various moves so the only thing i can say is Amy Petrie has base 98, but no clamps and not sure about the animations, havent played with him in a long while

or just wait a week or 2 before you buy, we might get a locker code in a week or 2

Tell em Earv, opal Wade is the best PG in the game and it’s not even close.


Glad to hear the PD is a budget option because there’s no way in hell I’m getting enough cards for Wade. Only at 1900 now.

btw Earv how would you compared KD to wade? they seem to be fairly similar in terms of play style.

there was a debate going on here

Yea I have Pd wade , I just want a similar player to run ball of the bench … I can’t with those slow hesi that a lot of players have

Ehh idk…i’d take Wade offensively and KD defensively. KD has a GREAT jumper but its still not on the level of Wade’s. Also Wade’s dribbling animations are better overall. I guess it depends on how you like to score. KD more for iso and plays. Wade for PnR and ball screens. Wade has been the more efficient scorer for me so far though


Tmac, Roy, Lillard, Arenas all have pro 3 hesi

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time for me to go back to watch your KD review

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Got Opal KD yesterday when I locked for Garnett and he is awesome. In the top tier of cards for sure. Again I think Wade is the best in the game but KD is on the same tier as him no doubt. The jumper is CLEAN - more of a catch and shoot than a create your own shot like Wade, that’s why I prefer Wade. KD def can create his own shot but not nearly as well as Wade


You put it perfectly. KD is top 5 IMO but Wade is better off the dribble


170 to go! gonna have to start buying diamonds now

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Real tears. Fucking beautiful. :sob: :sob: :sob:


Damn I wish he had post lockdown

Even with the PD, I don’t care to admit how many times I thought I was boutta bully this Wade just to get my shit smacked. Just sat there in silence.

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