Opal D-Wade playing like garbage?

Does anyone notice D-Wade not playing very well in the last few days? He’s been super weak going up on crap centers. I’ve been comparing how he played before and he just seems off. I don’t make nearly the open shots i use to with him. He drops the ball more often and his animations seem slowed down some.

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I like him more at the 2 than 1

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This game is so fucking stupid: I am not able to do shit with certain cards right now. They have dumbed down Wade and Curry. I’m not making shit wide open and they are god damn garbage verse shit cards. I can play better with cards that have half the badges.

I feel like I need to make a new account to see if it plays any different. If I win too much, the game goes fucking stupid.

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Game is stupid, you need to play thru it and just slow the game a lot and make it sweaty.

Also full court press like an asshole that helps a lot most of the time :rofl:


I do slow it down and press like crazy. I just have games where from the start to the end of the game it doesn’t let up.

I can have way better players and they just act like they got drunk the night before. I get froze on defense from sapphires and ruby’s. I can go from playing a sweat where I’m focused on defense the entire time. Then I play a newb that has no structure, has bad timing with meter on, bad team, and is in the game the entire time due to “The Game” keeping them in it.

Wade has always shot worse than his stats and badges suggest for me, really inconsistent even wide open. Slashing though he has always been elite and he was hammering dunks on people yesterday.

Are you on next or current gen? Didn’t current get a nerf to contact dunks yesterday?


I’m on current and I have green Grinch shooting diamond shoe on him. I also have a few extra HOF badges like Flexible Release.

So his 3 is a 93, he was playing better before the last 2 days now hes garbage.

Wade at the 1 did not much for me, but at the 2 he’s a demi for me.

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I was running him a 1 because I use him to slash but when hes open i get weird lag spike during his shots and hes getting bumped around. Seems weak compared to 5 days ago.

I thought it was some conspirator shit, but i think 2k nerf some cards as the season go buy.
Glitched zion used to be ultra solid and play well, but lately he has been playing like trash for no damn reason


Hence the price drop. They change how cards play often and even more since last year more then ever.

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I don’t normally compare them to the better new release cards that come out. I compare them to the same cards I’ve played vs that have been lower tier all year.

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I have a love/hate relationship with full court presses :joy: I like it when I do them and get so many steals when people get nervous and hate coming up against them but once oi slow the inbound down it’s easy points

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I think it’s more that others cards defensive stats and badging get better.


thats what i thought at first but my amy KAT is still playing at an elite level, so i dunno breh


Expectations? I know when I get a card that is absolutely dominant I expect it to make bad shots, where as with an average card I take much better shots and work for it more

I stay patient and get open shots most of the game. I don’t pay attention to who I’m passing the ball to until I’m already shooting it. I green most shots and I score points differently every game. So its not like I favor D-wade because I believe in that opal glow. I use players accordingly.

D-wade and a few others card were for sure handicapped for limited this weekend.

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Bro. How many more players have been released since you got wade?

How many Gold/HOF badges do these new cards have compared to the cards you were facing when you got wade?

I get the feeling you’re having. I lose my shit too much at this game. While yes, cards do go thru some adjustments, and yes we know 2k sucks, its more likely that the newer squads are giving you more trouble.

“The Power Creep” sir


Playing limited i face a lot of teams that are not budget god squads. On unlimited its different, yes a lot of better cards.