Opal Caruso or Opal Oscar Robertson

Opal Caruso or Opal Oscar Robertson

Who is better? is it worth it to spend the extra 100k on Oscar or should I just go with Caruso?

Currently have a budget of 400k and need suggestions for the point guard position

Also other suggestions would be great :slight_smile:


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The fact that this thread even exists is proof that NBA 2K should be banned for all future iterations.


oscar all day

I know irl, but who is better for my team?

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I havent used either but that damn Caruso gets crazy weird vacuum dunk animations. You literally can’t block the shit. He was super aids when I played him.

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I’ma say Oscar if u don’t have a post defender at the 1-3 spot, if u do have one then Alex will be fine

Just go with big o because using lame cards of players who arent actually special irl condones 2ks behavior.

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This is exactly why 2k is cheeks.


Oscar and it’s not even close

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There are half a dozen players like Alex, including the Lavine you already run. No one has Oscar’s mix of guard skills and strength/postup game.

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Why is this a question? Alexander Carusouleater is the best PG in the game :triumph:

Oscar brother

Oscar has a post game.

oscar’s jumpshot is too slow for me…i sold him immediately

Finally I see someone who uses PD herro…

Such a slept on card. He better than opal MJ but nobody know it yet😂

Yeah using Oscar with HOF limitless and banging on 7 footers (when he literally never dunked during games) is so much more realistic.


That release is fire.

He’s already using bol bol, so that isn’t an issue for him.

oscar 100%