Opal Bosh or Opal Blake

Which should I Keep or sell both? Already Have Bol Bol & KP.

Packed Bosh in a Single using MT. That Red Glow got me shook Thought it was Bulls MJ.

bosh is better but i think just stick with bol and kp unless they play center. in which case bosh

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I have Manute, Wilt, Fall for Center and 8 more teams in Historic Sims to get Hakeem.

Bosh EASY.


But Should I keep or Sell if I have Bol Bol & KP?

Bosh is by far better than all of them

Blake is a monster out there for me

Bosh, kp, bol bol, blake…in that order

no. bol, kp, bosh, blake

I’m’ even more confused now. Mixed reviews. Any of them can be a good option for Center?

I pray to the basketball gods above, that we get a juiced and serviceable Opal Shawn Kemp. Make it happen 2K! Youtubers, force feed this to the devs please, lol

Yes, I hijacked this thread because he should trump them all.


I love Kemp in the 90’s one of the first Athletic and exciting forwards I saw back then.

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I still jizz my pants watching highlights.


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Kemp is on 2Ks shit list. He never gets good cards.





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I don’t know if it’s the camera angle or what, but the guy getting posterized…looks like the most epic flop of all time lol.

It looks like gravity is sucking him thru the floor :rofl::rofl:

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Both are really good can’t go wrong, prob slight lean towards Bosh. Also idk if it matters to you if you plan to hold Bosh/Blake for a while you won’t have to worry about Bosh’s value declining as much as Blake’s because Bosh is in a set for Pippen

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Haven’t used cb or Blake, but this bol bol with the new fear of God shoes is stupid

Why ain’t u out on Lilards? Ball control swb mid pass