Opal Bol club

Who’s planning on getting this demon? Who needs speed when he’s dropping smothered layups and hammers at the rim with a butter jump shot. I’m at work so won’t be able to grab him for another 6 hours unfortunately but anyone that is using him in the mean time post opinions in here along with pricing please

He’s going to be way to slow compared to other GO Centers.

He’s extremely slow and if you like tall bombers, Sabonis is way better… Stronger, faster, better release, way better stats. Also check Bol’s weight, he’s 200 lbs, gonna be pushed all over the place.


See part after “who needs speed”

What I want to see is a full court race between him and Yao.


Had Sabonis day 1. He ran his course. Actually not a huge fan of his release tbh but that fade was deadly

Whatever, still gave my opinion since you asked! I don’t think he’s gonna be better than Sabas, but if you like to use Bol go ahead, this is probably the best Bol ever, with last years’ ruby maybe

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You’re right, I should clarify. I meant opinions on the play of the card. Not stats. This is 2k and I’ve learned stats don’t always tell the whole story


Stats are actually the least important thing after animations and badges haha!


Forget his bad speed, he will struggle to defend ISO pick and roll as well. With all the centers who can sauce now like Kareem and Shaq, he I’ll be getting caught on screens and left behind constantly. 50 lateral is horrendous.

He’s BIN immediately.

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Facts or prediction? Music to my ears if true

Just bought one.

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Ayyeee we lit out here! You snipe it or is there a bunch

There’s a few- no one’s buying mine lol

I just picked one up on PS4 for 44K… I can’t wait to use this card.

Has anyone used him yet?

Never thought I would add a galaxy opal Bol to my warriors logo team, but here we are


That’s exactly where he’s going for me too lol. I’ve been using the amethyst, so this is a huge upgrade.

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Are you guys liking him?