Opal AI ( sigs ?)

He have a crazy good sizeup anyone knows his moving hesi ?
He should be so fun to play with

His signature move is getting dunked on unfortunately.


Last year the way on ball steals were at least he had that going for him. This year that is not a thing.

That was a good one :joy::joy: hof get dunked on badge.

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HOF Posterized Badge. It’s sad because his PD was a nice option at PG before the giants took over.

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It’s so frustrating, because this card could be op if he wasn’t a midget. He got every hof badge you can think of ,but useless against taller players. Only thing you can do is speed boast to the goal or threes. Dont try to dunk or do a layup when giannis or LeBron on you it’s bbq chicken all day. Even with 99 speed dont help. And clamps is useless when your opponent just can shoot over you or layups.


Why you are all so serious ? I like to dribble and shoot , he is fun for TTO
If they dunked me with his sigs I can shoot 3s every time :+1:

I sold opal rose to try him out . I was finna sell him back but will lose mt big time.

Yeah. I was thinking the same but Rose is way way better card. Thank God i didnt sell him.

Imagine Allen Iverson having troubles dunking on LeBron or Giannis … How dare they

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I thought the PD Iverson handles were shit. Sold him immediately.

Not sure if they updated him.

He going for so cheap , he probably going to be a buy now before it’s over with. Soon as the flood of them was ending I got one for 160 which I probably could got one for 130 if I could waited a little bit. He not a tto player to me. I use a ak all day. Last year ak release was base 11 and I couldn’t time but this year he is money. Plus he can play the 4 at a 6’9 height.but back to a.i. his height kill it for me. To much bbq chicken going on.