Opal AD better PF or C?

For those of you who have had him on your team for a bit now, do you prefer him at the 4 or the 5?

I like him at pf for me

He is fine on both positions, I prefer him at the 4 because he is very mobile and can dribble the ball. Also have Hakeem at the 4.

At the 4.


Depends who your other big is. I’m running Hakeem at the 4 and AD at the 5.

Hakeem has better perimeter defense/lat quickness and HOF Clamps while AD has HOF Hustle Rebounder and Post Move Lockdown

Hakeem has basically maxed out post attributes and badges, so he’s going to be able to destroy a lot of 4s while AD has a bunch of HOF finishing badges, HOF QFS, and I added several ball handling badges which will give him the iso advantage vs most 5s

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he is elite either way depends on who you got to pair him up with as well
if he plays at pf for you because you have hakeem then there is no point to put him in centre so you can start jamison/zion at 4 right?
but if he starts at c so you can put opal bron at 4, and you have opal tmac, mj/hondo at 2 and 3 then i think its the best possible mix

not because AD is better at c, its because i think bron+ad is better than AD+hakeem
but if your team is that stacked, it really doesnt matter and it all depends on match ups and opponents

Depends on who u gonna pair him with, as mentioned above.