OP tmac price

Can anyone explain why he went from 500k earlier to 750k


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There is nothing else to buy.


a lot of it is china, but this is true. if it was just china it wouldnt be every card. but cards like tmac that came out in february are still better options than cards that came out last week. thats why

Market is crazy , a month ago I sold a tmac with contract and shoe for like 475k


It’s kinda crazy how every year tmacs price holds and rises until the end.

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Bruhhhh I just sold him not too long ago for 500k, shits a cheeser

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yeah most cards lose value fast… T-Mac never does lol. it’s wild.

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I’m still pissed I have him locked in thanks to Dwight f’n Howard :man_facepalming:

Best card in the game