Oop Giannis

Anyone tried him at C? Hows he play?

His series 2 PD was really good at center so I imagine this one would be great. He is lacking a lot of things late recent C’s have (Shooting and low int def ratings) But he’s still a Giannis player model and that trumps just about anything except GOAT Kareem, Shaq, and Hakeem. He’s ridiculous at the 2 if limitless threes aren’t your bread and butter though.

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I prefer the Glitched. Range extender makes a big difference in TTO, but he’s fine in Unlimited.

OoP Giannis is great. Getting to the rim, him and Walton are great as budget cards bc they are so fast and have nice moves. as said before, the only centers that i have found to be consistently better at getting to the rim than them are hakeem (not on the fastbreak tho, just out of sizeup) shaq and goat kareem


hes great at SG and C, prefer him at the 2 imo for the size mismatches

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No range extender doesn’t bother you with him at SG?

i dont shoot alot of threes, he has really high strength, post moves, and those broken ass dribble animations. its easy to make offense with him but i only shoot threes if hes way open

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yesterday someone used it as C against me.
of course, he played with 5 open and Anteto as ballhandler, and running the floor everytime…

Shaq was outplayet, but Embiid did a decent job.