OOP Giannis hidden opal?

With D’Antoni & 3-point shoes


There is no meaning to be an “OPAL”.
There is player stats and badges.
Takeover Giannis got better stats and badges.
OPAL is a marketing term.

I think he is referring to his rating showing as 99


Yeah this was a glitch in last years game too. Weve been using 99 cards for months now.

This glitch has popped up before. It happened with the PD Russell from the NYE set, too, IIRC.

That’s a visual bug of course.

The visual bug is that he is starting Lonzo Ball :woozy_face:


Yeah lol get that Magic off your bench man!

Right?! Look at all the other guys on the squad… has to be a huge Lonzo Stan (idk why this exists)

Oh nah this isn’t even my lineup haha this is my dad’s. He doesn’t play online he plays offline and he likes using Lonzo more

I’m just a Zo hater :joy: though not as much since he’s distanced himself from lavar, and he’s playing with my Duke South team lol

He’s definitely a opal, I believe he’s the best center in the game, but that’s just my opinion. Certainly the best I have tried this year.

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any giannis card is a glitch in this game with those crazy animations he gets.


There are no opals.

Only True Ratings®.