OOP 3 has brought us to the end game

Yesterday I think the whole aspect of the mode changed crashing the market and making everyone change their guards to 6’9 demigods. There’s literally no value in the market other than rare cards. I pulled Granger out of a single and I sold him for 69k. I think they are still following the plan of 9 seasons and it would make sense why they dropped these packs yesterday. Do you guys think Luka is still worth it with this brand new pg and sg meta?


Worth it? He’s free. So, I would say ya.

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Luka is definitely still worth it and for certain play styles he is still the best PG.

I’m surprised the market totally imploded, but I suppose it was inevitable with these new DMs. Nothing will be better than what they’ve started releasing the last few weeks, so there’s no real value to anything other than those cards.

If there’s a silver lining: If anyone wants to put together a theme team, you can probably find cards with extra badges and diamond shoes really cheap.

But yeah, the market

i played against luka yesterday for the first time, and my Deni outplayed him on my first game with him. luka didn’t seem to bring much more than his opal. now my opponent wasn’t a crazy skilled player, but he was good.

at the end of the day, after that game, unless you a demon with luka, he won’t bring you much more than the opal (based of what i’ve seen personally)

If you hunt threes Luka is still the best PG and him being invincible now removes his defensive weaknesses so unless your opponent is just king cheese, he can guard most guards and wings.


Much more complete card

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Sad but true

As a Giannis owner, I am dying to get Luka as my sub PG.

I think AK and Luka are the best cards I’ve used, I can’t pick between them to say which one is better. This drop was definitely welcome to the end game. It makes no sense how good this AK is and plays pg.

And I thought they were going to keep the unrealistic stuff saved for July, boy was I wrong :joy:

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So I got Luka super early and I still absolutely love him as a 3 pt hunter on Current Gen.

I had been struggling a bit in Unlimited until yesterday I pulled out the Ultimate Height Cheese lineup and promptly rattled off 6 straight wins:

Before Manute came out, I was considering selling my 51 HOF badge Bol Bol, but I think I’ll keep him for the inevitable Manute/2Bol Duo. I can’t imagine how much fun that Duo would be.

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Luka is great don’t get me wrong but I don’t see me using him over Batum or Deni. I’ll still probably grind for him because he’s a free goat card but I don’t see anything keeping value the rest of the year other than new releases

Luka is definitely better than both of those, the only card I would consider running over Luka is AK-47.

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I pray all that mt I spent on them wasn’t for nothing and they get a duo that gives manute better dribbling and bol better defense

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