OOP 2 Simmons now “98% of DM version”

2k updated his release. According to DBG, you can “tactically downgrade” to this version and get 98% of the DM. However with no hot zones and can’t play PG :joy:. Is he worth a spot at SF or center?

The PD is nice. I mostly play triple threat so his position isn’t a problem for me. His hotzones can be a problem for 3 hunters but we have to keep in mind that Simmons is more of a slasher, not a shooter.


I might have to grab him for my nms squad.

I have the dm on the main and he is cash from 3 for me. Obviously his rim running is always a bail out play also.

If you use a Ben Simmons card to three point hunt you’re forever the problem of this game lol


he’s gonna destroy goat squads in the right hands. he gets probably the best dunk animations, maybe 2nd behind giannis, and the around 3rd in defensive animations behind bill and dikembe

And now this card’s price is skyrocketing :sweat_smile:

I got him for 25k to do exp. I’ll sell him right back. He was like 10k yesterday.

Not on current because hot spots are so important for whites

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Spoke too soon, I bought mine at 24k on current. Not gonna lie he is fun to cheese with at center

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Good for the NMS dudes, also could be hell in Limited. I used him in Limited on Friday before the update and he was good at Center.

As soon as I heard he got updated, I bought him lol. 14k flat

Not surprised he’s gone a fair way up, he plays a lot better than a PD (as does Batum)

Yeah I messed up not grabbing him when I saw that video drop

what’s his price now? i knew the price would raise and after checking around an hour after the video he was around 19k… still there? lower? higher?

He’s 25k

for my play style he isn’t worth that price, but that’s a great price for those who are good with him

his release is underrated, i tried out both Ben and giannis, ben can legit be a 3s hunter

hes same height and bigger player model than bill russell and christian wood, taller than bam. he feels the same size as 7’0 centres, the only notable difference is when he is next to 7’2 giants like kareem, bol, porzingus

This oop Simmons is crazy good, he is carrying me through the triple threat spotlight sims with ease

Y’all should be able to grab him with “super packs” dropping today. PDs usually drop pretty hard for at least the first few minutes.