Online delays

Back on 2k after a few years off. Can’t believe the online delays are still so bad. It honestly makes online play so unenjoyable.

Are you playing on TV? I don’t think the delay is that bad actually. The game itself is just really slow. You have to know what you’re gonna do in advance because it takes time to change directions and get a shot off against close outs.

It seems pretty bad compared to the other games (Madden, MLB). I think some people just adjust to the delay or eventually rationalize it as normal. A problem I have found is that it is not much better offline. There is always a delay when either going for a block, trying to do a steal, trying to do a pass. I am sure everyone is getting frustrated when, at times, you try to shoot as you drive to the basket and the X button does not work, not even when you keep pressing.
To me the 2 worse things is when I try to switch to the closest defender who is just behind a player with the ball and it does work (a problem for years) or when passes just go wildly to random people, often skipping the target you were trying to get or going in the exact opposite direction (never saw this before 2K23).
Strangely, we all of these complaints, it has not stopped us from playing…