One year ago today


still can’t believe this happened


Me neither.

Bron single handedly beat them and Jr ruined it.



I think we are due for a TDIH card for this


He robbed us from an all time great performance from LBJ. Imagine if lebron hit that three to seal the game. They proabably would’ve still lost the series, but it would’ve been more competitive I think.

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51/8/8 against 8 4 all stars and his bum teammate fucks it up. It’s crazy because J.R ain’t even playing on a team anymore shows you how bad that team was

who remembers when this picture was @Carlo221 avatar


As a die hard cavs fan… this hurts

JR to LA. Let’s make the Lakers the Cavs again

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Where is Carlo?

cavs still losing the series so

Ok? No one said they wouldn’t

then this dont even matter. blame george hill actually for bricking that ft

at 6’8 270 he was guarded by 6’3 Curry, he could have really beat them but he was too afraid from getting fouled and go to the ft line.

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JR completely changed this series. It could’ve been 4-1 instead of 4-0.


cavs jerseys disgust me now. delete this plz

How the hell did JR ruin it when he got the o board lol? If he doesn’t get the board then game is over

He ruined it by thinking they were up. He should’ve shot it. Granted KD maybe sends into the stands but Bron wasnt punching black boards for nothing lol

Here it is:


Bonga pricekiller.

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Lol where is the Henny bottle🤣