One Will Rise: Back to Back PROMO: Diamond Rodman, Odom, Isiah Thomas and more


These guys are pumping out the content at a feverish pace.


Nice Nice :+1:

Back to Back CHAMPIONS


Isiah Thomas, a 60’s Celtic, a 90’s Bull, a 90’s Rocket, and an 00’s Laker is my prediction with a lock in for Diamond Kevin Durant


So LeBron is on here right?

Remember we got Diamond LeBron EARLY last year.


Anyone get one of them yet? Opened 3 and haven’t gotten anything

I wouldn’t open yet, it doesn’t even show what’s in them

I wouldn’t open them until a few hours from now.

Unless 2K messes up and we can pull PD Curry from it

Sam Jones, Dennis Rodman, Clyde Drexler, Derek Fisher, Isiah Thomas

Lock in for Durant

Just my predictions


It says they’re only available for 9 hours?


For real?

That has to be a mistake

That’s gotta be a glitch. The Stopper packs would be available for another 9 hours. These ones clearly are out early and there’s a chance the cards supposed to be in them aren’t even in the game

Do not open them


Can confirm it’s 9 hours

Geez that’s like really early in the morning for the US, this can’t be right

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I’m mad down for a Dennis Rodman right now, I feel like his card will finally be valuable in this game than in previous years , HOF Worm and Rebound Chaser

Just annual early empty packs, happens every year. Sometimes it feels like they did it intentionally lol

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Does the packs show listed players???


Y’all got me over checking my clocks and such :joy:

So these will be the packs for “One will rise:”