One Thing I Think We All Agree Should Go In 2k21

The little kid cheerleaders got to go man, shit is super creepy.


I was thinking the same thing last night! That’s pretty disturbing if you ask me.

i thought i was the only one to think this

like wtf was the point in added lil kids poppin and locking and shit. Weird ass devs


I feel like they looked at it as a sexist thing, which doesn’t make sense because they still have the women cheerleaders in there, but idk

I thought it was a nice attempt to mix up the presentation.

My girlfriend walked in during a timeout and said ‘what the FUCK is this’


Karl Malone approves of them


I’m sure y’all noticed, but for those that didn’t, this the first year they had female referees


have literally never noticed this

kill contracts in 2k21…not cheerleader children

I have to heart this, even as a jazz fan…

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Folks, some joking and ribbing is alright but please try to refrain from base physical insults and even joking “accusations” of extreme acts/crimes. Keep it lighthearted and not so nasty.