One great thing about this faulty ass AH

LITERALLY JUST realized that i bought a shane battier with a diamond shoe for 52k. Not bad. Lil steep but his card is limited now cant pull him. Value will go up. Put him in my line up. Then see he has a DIAMOND CONTRACT. Because that doesnt show up i just thought it was a a base contract
Checked the kawhi i bought earlier that was snipe (37k with a diamond shoe) but realized IT ALSO had a diamond contract. Big win for me today :slight_smile: ALSO locked in the raps cuz why not. Used my tokens to rip a rookie sensation pack. Pulled kobe. Sold him for 38k. Not too bad for tokens if you ask me :))))

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To top it off im actually finally winning some games. You could say im enjoying 2k. Rare i know lol

This happened to me with KD for 65k lol

Not to rain on your accomplishments but i tho u could still pull battier, the packs didnt change, i tho they just added two new players

bro i wont bet my money battier price will go up, amys starting to flow to the market like rudy and dell and he is not so attractive card

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MyTeam tweeted that Baron and Battier weren’t in packs anymore.

Also, cards get better with every release and Battier is not part of any lockable set so his value won’t rise unfortunately sorry mate.


Yah cards have certain limitations as how high the floor of their prices can go, eventually with more cards/market crashes/total market crashes (ala harden gate), these cards go down in price, the only expectations would be if they’re somewhat very rare/part of set and such.

I bought a Harden with a diamond contract during hardengate in 2k18 for a lower price than some base cards went for. And I also didn’t notice he had a contract before I inserted him in my lineup.

I just bought Battier for 37k because I think defense is the most important thing (so far) this year in online play. But no chance Battier card price goes up…at some point I think he’ll be worth 10k or less.

I still got battier and kawhi with a shoe and a contract for 80k total. Thats damn good to me !

Im looking for players with diamond contracts. I haven’t seen any this year

Because they dont actually show up as having a contract. It shows up as 0 games left

So the new patch didn’t fix that?

New patch didnt fix.shit except the vc glitch lol

I sold my Kawhi with zero contracts for 55k k LOL

You get it lol. Kawhi with a shoe and a contract should be like 65 k at least lol

As soon as I heard about the glitch I’ve been listing my decent players with zero contracts and a higher than normal price

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