Once you reach the Collector Level you want

Do you cut out ALL the fat from your collection?

I reached AK47, so I have some cards like Amy Dray, Hedo, Deandre, Vince Carter sitting there not being used.

Any reason to hold on to them?


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Only reason to hold onto them is if you think they will raise in price or your going for collector level, so if you want jr then you should keep, but if you don’t… sell

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Sell em b4 the next big crash where the re-releass throwback elites and moments and anniversary player and hell, even codes will drive the prices down, my guess is before the all star break

Since when does anyone play MyTeam looking for ‘real’? Lol


I got AK, but have no desire to go further. Should I sell off the jerseys and arenas I don’t use? I was gonna hold onto playbooks though. I also have a ton of silvers for collections I haven’t locked in, but I was thinking of holding onto them in case tokens get another use and I can lock it sets then.

I’m probably wrong but I don’t think arenas sell very good, like 250 mt I think

How are you not using hedo

By that logic no point using AK-47 either, he’s nothing like his real life self

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oo burn

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It’s a video game, obviously you guys didn’t use jimmer in 2k17 when he had limitless

I actually unlocked him and never used him lol

So I tried to start selling off, but then bought some packs for an anniversary/promo and got a bunch of those cards back. After a couple days I was right back at MVP and too lazy to sell off 700MT jerseys. I now have 1700 cards and am on the slow grind for Webber and maybe JR. I just don’t have the patience to auction off all these cheap ass cards man.

You crazy. Try him out in a couple games of TTO. You’re welcome.

Oh ilike him but magic and giannis are locks for tto, and I prefer Paul George to ak

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